Crazy Little Thing Called KEMOY

with those pretty something like lavender colored wild orchids ^_^

oh yih!

what to do when you cant sleep..

Ang cute nung mga lalaking kinikilig sa pinapanood nilang Romantic Movie.. ^_^

dealing with depression

A sudden change of mood,
So I went to my bedroom,
and locked the door,
lay on my bed,
hugged my pillow,
and cried
My Life frustrations is hunting me again.

SALVARO the cassava and Latik Version

every comments and likes i get from you i replied it with a smile ^_^

Ang totoong Maganda hindi takot umitim.. :D nyay!

enjoying the summer ambiance


Discovering the hidden paradise of Surigao City, Surigao del Norte..
Brgy. San Jose and Sagisi Island in Focus

embrace the beauty of Nature.. Take a selfie with it :D

tanned and get tanned more….

Coconut trees makes a perfect beach Landscape…

Fruit na hinaluan ng Gulaman para dumami salad..

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